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    Paul hurley

    Hi folks

    Been keen healey fan for many years so discussing with like minded friend have a couple of project cars me a 62 , 3000 , and his a 58 , 100/6 . so we’re Just starting a joint restoration , so far have striped both cars down to chassis . Intend sand blasting to bear metal , so as to achieve best end result.
    Obviously by this stage we are getting to grips with the magnitude of our task. Funds are limited, but We’re quite handy at sheet metal work and mechanicals and electrical, so intend doing as much as possible ourselves to save on cost.
    But as I’m sure you all know many components are not repairable by an amateur and new replacements are very expensive , so my first option is to appeal to other enthusiasts who may have spare parts from their own projects or surplus parts on parts cars or abandoned projects, which are available at a reasonable cost.
    Also if anyone knows any breakers or spare part sources , would be extremely grateful to know
    I will post full list of requirements shortly .
    But list starts with Rhd steering box for the 3000, which is also missing an alternator. Any decent chrome parts also useful .
    Haven’t learnt how to post photos , but will try shortly.
    All advice and infor grateful accepted.
    Thanks in anticipation

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    Paul Chaplin.

    Hi Paul

    Like your friend I’m also restoring a 100/6 think is 1956 . I’m well into it with Chassis complete (repaired) boot, rear tub and front tub finished, and now on process of starting to refit A,B posts and door wings etc . I’m also trying to avoid the serious restorers (were just a one man outfit and we have a B&B and a classic car hire place in the North of Scotland) ( ) happy to swop stories and parts where I have spares and your looking for, or just to help out with a shoulder to cry on 😏.

    PM me on or face book the business and we can ‘messenger’

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