Collection of Healey Prints

These prints are being offered as a complete collection , rather than individually, and on a collection only basis from my home in Bath.

I would estimate that they are worth conservatively around £400 , on an individual basis. However, as I say, I would like to sell them as a whole, and am therefore offering them at £300 for the collection.

Please contact me either by email on, or by phone on 07968767282.


A limited edition framed set of Healey prints, drawn by the Cornish artist Nick Beringer in 1982. This is set number 61 of 450, and is signed by Nick Beringer, and also my grandfather Donald Healey.

In addition to the above standard set, there are two 100/4 prints, signed by Gerry Coker, and an unsigned 100S print.


A limited edition unframed print from the Barclay Wilson collection. This is number 9 of 500, and shows NOJ 393 at the 1955 Le Mans. 


This is a limited edition unframed print from the Barclay Wilson collection. It is number 71 of 500, and depicts the 100S SNX 172 at Dundrod.


A framed print of Donald Healey on the Utah salt flats in the Healey Streamliner at 200mph in 1956. This is print number 2 of 850.


This is the 1956 Streamliner print of Donald on the Utah salt flats , signed by Stirling Moss, Carroll Shelby , Brian Healey, Gerry Coker , John Fitch, and Mike Dale. 

There are three off of these prints !

These prints are all unframed.


A pair of “Healeys Return to Bonneville’ prints. These are numbers 806 and 807 of a limited edition of 1000 prints.


A framed BJ8 print from the Penn Collection. This is number 179 of 850.


A framed Healey 100 Revival print.


A framed ‘Austin of England’ advertising picture of the Healey 100.