HEALEY DRIVERS’ CLUB – Safeguarding Policy

This policy aims to:

• Clearly demonstrate our commitment to safeguarding children, and young or vulnerable people.
• Promote consistent good practice that delivers a safe and positive environment for such people
• Provide all staff and volunteers with the necessary information to enable them to meet their safeguarding responsibilities as set out in Government legislation.

The policy applies to children and vulnerable adults who attend one of our organised events where we attend as a Club; such as Club meetings or any other circumstance where the Club is involved either directly or indirectly.

The policy also applies to any volunteers and marshals and event organisers, who may or not be Club members.

Included are children or vulnerable adults who may or may not be Club members accompanied by adults, related or not, who also may or may not be Club members.

The types of abuse that should be reported are included below:-

• Physical abuse
• Emotional abuse
• Sexual abuse
• Neglect
These are listed and defined in legislation.

However, there are many behaviours that can also constitute harassment and abuse and as such, a safeguarding concern. These include:-

• Bullying and cyber-bullying
• Cyber abuse
• Peer on peer abuse
• Abuse by a person in a position of trust
• Poor practice

Any suspicion of abuse should be reported to the Club Safeguarding Officer, available at: – safeguarding.officer@healeydriversclub.co.uk.

The Safeguarding Officer, will then, if necessary, escalate the report of abuse to Safeguarding at Motorsport UK.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the reporting, the incident may also be escalated to the NSPCC and or the Police.

Safeguarding Officer

Healey Drivers’ Club

January 2024