Terms and Conditions (Please Read)

Applications for the placement of adverts for Sales or Items Wanted must be made directly to the Sales Coordinator (Dave Haslam)at sales@healeydriversclub.co.uk and will only be placed for a current member of the Healey Drivers’ Club, who must include their contact phone number and email address as recorded on the Club’s database.

Marketplace is intended for Healey parts and cars only, however the HDC will by request consider advertising other classic cars owned by members. A copy of the front page of the V5 must be provided as proof of ownership for vehicle sales. This service is not available to traders.’

Individual postings will be removed after a maximum of 4 weeks unless an extension is requested. To maintain the relevancy members are requested to notify the Sales Coordinator as soon as an advert can be withdrawn.

The Healey Drivers’ Club cannot accept any liability for disputes arising from inaccurate or misleading information by sellers or buyers, nor any loss or damages resulting from incorrect or defective items sold. In addition, the Healey Drivers Club reserves the right to withhold ads which it considers misleading or inappropriate.

The Healey Drivers Club reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.

By placing a Sales or Wanted request, you agree to these terms and conditions.

Guidance for placing Ads

Please restrict images for Sales ads to a maximum of four for each item and provide a concise description. Individual images may need to be compressed for uploading to the website, but every effort will be made to retain image quality. 

For Items Wanted please provide sufficient information to enable the item to be identified accurately, including images where useful.