A New Website Platform

(and a new Webmaster)

Welcome to the latest version of the Healey Drivers’ Club website, now on the popular WordPress platform. WordPress was selected by the Club as a modern, secure, flexible and user friendly platform which will continue the work of the previous website to promote and record the Healey Drivers’ Club activities and interests and to provide a source of information for all owners and enthusiasts of the Austin Healey marque.

At this stage to get the new website up and running we have only transposed existing content, with minor additions such as an archive of historic editions of Headlines from Healey, so in look and feel things remain much as they were.

Our short term focus is to continue to develop content which is engaging for our members and attractive to potential new members. A longer term aspiration will be to evolve the look and feel of the website.

I very much look forward to working with the Committee and the membership to ensure the website continues to reflect the aims and ethos of the Club.

Best Regards

Mike Quinn

(Yes, it’s a Mustang in the photo. I actually sold my Healey to indulge this passion. Sorry)