Changes to Motor Sport Competition Licences

The Healey Drivers’ Club is a registered member of Motorsport UK, (The RAC Motor Sports Association Ltd), the governing body of all motor sport activity in the UK, and there have been some changes for those wishing to participate in the any form of motor sport.

The eagle eyed amongst you may have spotted a change to the reverse side of your 2020 Membership Card in that the MSUK declaration 25.1.3, is now missing.

Previously, as a fully paid up member of an affiliated motor club, this signed MSUK declaration authorised you to participate in all competitions which were confined to members of your club or defined as ‘Clubman’ events under MSUK Regulations.

From 1st January 2020 this no longer applies and any person wishing to take part in events such as: – Autosolo, Autotest, Trial, Navigation Rally, Road Rally, Hill Rally, Clubcross, Autocross, etc., will now need to apply to MSUK for a licence.

Full details can be found at

‘Touring Assemblies’, such as treasure hunts, planned drives, and any ‘un-timed’ road event are excluded from this requirement, and so a licence is not needed for entry to events such as our ‘Exmoor Rut’.

There are now four grades of licence available: – Clubman, Interclub, National, and International.

These are specific and issued for the following types of events: – Race, Kart, RS and RS Stage Rally, and Entrant.

The introduction of the new free of charge ‘RS Clubman’ Licence is aimed to embrace local motor club members and offer benefits to competitors at all levels. This licence is for entry to real grassroots motorsport and is designed to make entry easier, and to be more easily obtainable – even on the day of competition. It also opens up the opportunity to upgrade to the next level of licence.

There have in the past been a number of serious incidents in entry level events where the injured competitors involved have not been known to MSUK, and this had the potential to harm the master insurance policy they hold for the sport. This new system will record everybody competing, or as a passenger.

It will also aid MSUK in its dealings with government bodies as it will then hold accurate figures for its increased membership, and greatly assist with their influence in a wider range of areas such as closed roads, forestry, environmental issues, and insurance.

Compete safely!


January 2020